I think this video was one of the first times that I realized the education conversation is still ongoing. It didn’t end with Dewey, Hutchison, Montessori, Rousseau, and Locke. Rather, even the theory of multiple intelligences has not yet been fully embraced by all educators. Recognizing this gave me the courage to begin thinking about how I could contribute to the discussion of education, but more specifically it liberated my thought process to think about how we could measure student progress and the development of intelligence more effectively.


One of the most powerful parts of my learning experience in the AET program.

Dewey Personal Reflection Paper



Kevin J – ROI Weekly Program (download)

ROI Analysis for a Week-Long Program


This is the course I produced the Multidimensional Model of AssessmentMultidimensional Model of Assessment

This multidimensional model of assessment introduced me to a new way of thinking about education. Begin with the end in mind.

Rubric for Discussion for The August Collegium

Rubric for Discussion

Program Evaluation Plan

Program Evaluation Plan