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Transitioning from High School into college as a Gates Millenium Scholar, I expected to continue to thrive in the world of education. But within a year I realized that my classes were getting in the way of  learning and I was spending all of my time on meaningless tasks. Instead of dropping out, I followed encouragement from a friend to travel the world while completing a degree in business. This cultural immersion coupled with non-stop efforts to start my own business taught me that nothing is more valuable than the chance to learn by doing. Through a Master of Education, I have developed a model of learning designed around the holistic development of the individual to give many more people the opportunities I wish I would have had. More…


PianoHands11x17Human-Centered Learning

Because education deals with individuals, it is important for learners to understand what an individual is. They cannot learn in any other way than that of a human being. It is also important for them to understand the world they live in. The world they live in exists of both visible and invisible aspects, but the invisible have a stronger influence, though their presence is often overlooked. This is the context in which their education will take place. Read More

Elyseum HallElyseum Hall

In ancient Greek mythology, there existed a place accessible only to those with the heart of a hero. The movie Gladiator presents the promise of walking the Elysian Plains with those who have gone before, but only for those who are willing to live and fight with both courage and kindness.

The need for such a hero has never been more evident and it is time to once again call for those who feel within a stirring toward this common purpose: To become the heroes who walk among the gods, whose lives are formed to become leaders of men, and who become the catalysts for the renewal of our culture through the transformation of the individual mind.  Read More