Esoteric philosopher, Christian mystic, cultural nomad, writer, explorer and eternal student of everything, I have spent the past decade unraveling Platonic, or Kantian, dualism, which divides material from spiritual reality for for western thought and theology.

The re-uniting of the physical, spiritual, psychological, and social dimensions of human identity have shaped my educational theory of human-centered learning, my moral philosophy of truth and love, and my studies in sexuality and ecology, which include a PhD in socioecological learning and an upcoming book re-imagining education from a Christian perspective.

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The Human Centered Learning model informs a model of teaching and learning that emphasizes action-oriented instruction, personalized understanding as a pathway to knowledge. We will address the physical, spiritual, psychological, and (eco)social needs that students bring to the classroom with the 5 learning fluencies.


Dr. Kevin draws on a breadth of experience and study to facilitate accessible, wholistic, collaborative explorations of complex topics, helping students discover and communicate the truth they already know.


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For advanced academics (Masters, Doctoral, Professor) I offer Research Design Consulting and Academic Writing Services


Courses taught: writing, theology, bible, philosophy, mathematics, self development, student success.

Optimize your learning experience

Improve facilitation (teaching/course review)

Develop an online course

Empower your students (5 learning fluencies)


I provide a unique blend of business training, entrepreneurship, diverse teaching experience and technological curiosity to help you design, implement, and optimize transformational learning experiences.

Research and Publishing

Customized Program Design

Human Resource Development – Teacher Training (PD)

Program Performance Evaluation – research driven

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– Dr. Kevin Jenson

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