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gms_logo4site_linear_text_smaller_optTransitioning from High School into college as a Gates Millenium Scholar, I expected to continue to thrive in the world of education. But within a year I realized that my classes were getting in the way of  learning and I was spending all of my time on meaningless tasks. Instead of dropping out, I followed encouragement from a friend to travel the world while completing a degree in business. This cultural immersion coupled with non-stop efforts to start my own business taught me that nothing is more valuable than the chance to learn by doing. Through a Master of Education, I have developed a model of learning designed around the holistic development of the individual to give many more people the opportunities I wish I would have had. Learn more about the vision for Elyseum Hall.

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With a background in business and an interest in the power of technology to facilitate new types of learning experience, I took advantage of an opportunity at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia to add a technology focus to my degree in education. As part of the ASES incubator program at Macquarie University in Sydney Australia, I developed a theoretical prototype for a social learning and decision-making platform (Page Cookie). I also completed an exhaustive study of current research to identify the various elements of online learning and the tools students might need to use them effectively. How to use Web 2.0 Technologies for Education.

Future PhD Candidate

Preliminary research and a thorough review of the literature have identified the potential for a program like Elyseum Hall to have a profound impact on the achievement gap among students from diverse backgrounds. The potential of technology can be unlocked if students are given the right intangible resources and skills to use it for learning. The foundation has been laid to develop the idea of Human-Centered Learning and implement its core ideas into the prototype learning model Elyseum Hall. However, there are various aspects of this idea that need further research and input from the wider learning community in the United States.

Kevin is currently exploring PhD programs in Education to continue his exploration and development of the ideas outlined in this site. To recommend a university, request more information, or schedule an introductory interview, please click here.

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