2016-01-08-1736Learn by Doing: Diversity – Growing A Multicultural Mindset

Learn By Doing: Diversity was designed to teach leaders how to communicate and collaborate across cultural boundaries and help others do the same. The goal of the seminar at the heart of this program is to inspire the process of multiculturalism. It doesn’t have to produce a drastic change, just a subtle shift in mindset that opens the individual to recognize and embrace multicultural differences. Over time, this change in thinking will lead to noticing, caring about, and addressing institutional barriers and creating an environment in which those around them begin to recognize and value the benefits of diversity. This can create a trickle-down effect where more individuals begin to value the development and expression of individuality in unique ways both inside and outside the workplace.

Because the approach is built around developing solutions for thought processes rather than behaviors, it has the potential to disrupt the current cultural dialogue by speaking to the heart of the issue: how people think about diversity. Differences will always exist, but the way that people respond to them determines whether a diverse culture is harmful or beneficial to its members. deMello-e-Souza Wildermuth & Wildermuth (2011) have suggested that individuals are primed to notice the differences between each other, but have a much more difficult time finding the commonalities. This program takes advantage of this natural tendency by equipping people to appreciate and remain open to these different ways of knowing, encountering, and relating (Scheurich & Young, 1997) to the world around them. It is the first step in the process of personal transformation for diversity. Learn More


 Social Media in ActionIMG_0010

This course will teach you the basic functions of social media as a tool for organizational or personal success. Strategy and implementation of social media marketing looks different in every scenario. Therefore, this course is not designed to teach you a particular method of social media marketing, but to give you the tools and confidence you need to design your own approach. Through this experience, will learn how to think like an expert in social media marketing, how to relate to the individuals and departments that are part of the process, and most importantly, how to integrate new social media developments into your own environment. Learn More


2015-09-12 09.30.59Learning Fluency for Academic Success

Presently under design, the course in learning fluency helps individuals identify and develop their key strengths in 5 different areas identified by the research: Information Literacy, Technology, Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Understanding, and Academic Skill. This last category include the six different academic skill sets outlined in the Multi-Dimensional Assessment Model.

This course is important because preliminary research and an extensive survey of academic literature has shown that these five skill sets might be able to reduce the achievement gap – especially among lower performing students. The course is presently under design for students and education professionals and is set to launch Spring 2017. Click here to register your interest.


IMG_0050The August Collegium – For Leadership & Philosophy

Master the arts of logic, rhetoric, and dialectic in the context of philosophical exploration and applied leadership training. Please email me personally for more information, or to request one of the five membership slots available for this 12-session spring cycle of Conversations in Leadership and Philosophy. Learn More