A wholistic learning framework develops the whole person through physical, spiritual, psychological, and eco-social learning dimensions. Click on a section below to start your discovery or use the contact form to send a question or suggestion.


Physical includes sensation, action, and response optimization.


Spiritual includes conscious being, sub-sconscious awareness, and superconscious connection.


Psychological development includes reason, emotion, and volition

(eco) Social

(eco) Social development explores the context of humanity including Being/God, Creation, and Humanity.

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A Quest for the Abolition of Man - When the ‘Tao’ becomes a product of the educational system, it no longer has the power to keep mankind from destroying himself through utter submission to natural and irrational impulses. These will be exercised by a few over all the rest in a haphazard manner that invites no judgement of good or evil because these concepts in themselves are open to being shaped by those who happen to be in power at the moment.