Elyseum Hall began with a small group of individuals who gathered on occasion for a night of drinks and conversation known as Scotch & Philosophy. At the time it was little more than a precursor to the development of The August Collegium, a more formalized and structured community of learning. However, through the completion of a Master of Education at Colorado State and Macquarie University, a need for some structural changes to the process of education became apparent.

Human-Centered Learning was developed as an approach to teaching and learning that might supplement the existing system, but Elyseum Hall attempts to re-think the way in which formal education is designed altogether. Having experienced the collegiate learning process at ten different universities on four different continents, Kevin Jenson is ideally equipped to explore the possibility of institutional design for student success (really what Human-Centered Design is all about: the end user).

The first two courses by Elyseum Hall will be offered next spring in an offline setting in northern Colorado, but an effort will be made to soon make these available on a more global scale as their impact is measured and confirmed. Meanwhile research and design work continues to verify and strategize how to implement the preliminary ideas presented below that form the basis of Elyseum Hall.

The following is a sample of some ideas being explored for the development of Elyseum Hall to contribute thoughts, research, or interest, please use the message form that follows and we will be in touch.



Core Curriculum

Phase 1 Sample Outline of Study

Click above to view the sample curriculum and the rationale behind its presentation.

Phase 2 Option

Applying previous knowledge to a narrowing field of application. Teachers become mentors and the school becomes the context of beginning to pursue dreams both individually and collectively. Could occur simultaneously with phase 1 or subsequently.

Students begin to practice through research and application. Expand the field as necessary to move toward accomplishment of an abstract goal. The function of this institution is to connect the individual with strategy and resources to break down the goal and makes its achievement accessible and sustainable.

Those who learn a subject become the teachers.

  • Year 1 students work together to learn literature, philosophy, arts, and languages
  • Year 2 students begin general overview of their subjects from Year 3 students and coach the Year 1 students through what they learned last year.
  • Year 3 students teach Year 2 Students the general overview of their chosen subjects and support Year 4 students in their research.
  • Year 4 students offer courses and classes to all students on their particular research subjects .

Guest experts are brought in to lecture on particular subjects.

Hall Employees

Full time learning coaches.

  • They help students design their curriculum.
  • They lead small groups of students in leadership and philosophy.
  • Responsible for student success and development.
  • Experts in student development.

Full time academic prefects

  • Make sure curriculum meets standards for accreditation and graduation.
  • Ensure student progress toward goals.
  • Work with Year 4 students on their research projects.
  • Experts in the various subjects offered by the school

Assessment and Evaluation

One of the key aspects of Elyseum Hall is the integration of a multi-dimensional model of assessment. To understand the structure of the organization and its measurable outcomes, please explore the assessment and evaluation project attached here

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