This page will link to helpful tools or ideas for applying technology in education. Use this form to submit your own ideas or suggestions for this page.

Page Cookie

Developed as a digital environment for Elyseum Hall, page cookie transforms the meta-web into a 3D browsing environment for discovery, editing, and content creation.


Open Source Learning Tools - This TED talk by Richard Baraniuk outlines an idea of a “knowledge ecosystem” in which users become contributors and producers. Create, Mix, Rip, Burn – basically build upon the ideas of others to make learning bigger, more accessible, culturalized, and personalized. Click here to visit where this process began and continues to grow.  
Top 25 New Technologies – ALA 2015 - It seems that many of the tech companies in education offer something of the same function as the others. Perhaps this is reflective of the Connectivist philosophy of education technology. Nevertheless, it is difficult to find a truly innovative idea that solves some problem that no other software already addresses. Most technology listed here seems…

Make a Suggestion

Are you a software developer? Do you know of a technology platform that makes human-centered learning a more viable option. What kinds of programs do you use? Suggest learning technology for inclusion in this collection here.


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