Observations From a Technology Classroom

Selfies and Facebook hotties overwhelmed the imagination of students in the technology class. Those who knew how to use technology had no motivation to learn something new. Perhaps they did not know of the possible avenues. Those who did wish to learn found that technology did not necessarily function well to this end.

The fans rotated slowly back and forth offering a breath of fresh air to first one, then another student. The computers had no respite from the heat though the windows and doors were flung wide open into the cool evening air. The girls had no escape from the screens of the guys whose imaginations wandered far from the classroom or from the playful teasing of much older men. Most everyone in the room suffered from a single height for all tables, monitors and benches. And the benches had no backs, so most shoulders were slouched forward in the way that restricts blood flow to the brain.

Nevertheless, several students found inspiration from the research and writing project assigned to them by the whiteboard in preparation for next week’s exams. Rejecting the allure of Facebook, they navigated past the network problems and connection issues to find information about these things through the use of search engines. Their assignment was to write about networks and connections. Did they even know how to use them?

Some did. Unplugging and re plugging various computer parts to create a working module, a few had the courage to explore. Others waited for the professional help of their instructor to get the computer working for their research. The report was to be handwritten and submitted for grading. It would be useful for helping the students self assess their readiness for exams.

Did they know what possibilities would open to them through their use of technology? The world was at their fingertips, but they didn’t know how to look for it. Like most classrooms, the curriculum was restricted to epistemological facts while the experience limited the potential applications of the promising environment.

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