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For those eager to apply the principles of Human-Centered Learning to the instructional design process, this mid-length infographic provides some unique perspectives and a valuable process. It is produced by Arun Pradhan whose additional work is featured at


Survey Research Guide

Need a quick overview and guide to your survey research project? You might find this helpful. Visit


Overview of Education Theories and Theorists

Designed by a team of CSU students, this website is a helpful starting point (packed with information, photos, and links) to understanding the diverse range educational theories and the people behind them. Follow the links to their latest publications, read more about their history, and discover their effect on the field of education. Visit

Are You Creative? - David Kelley, founder of IDEO explores the idea of creative confidence: do you have what it takes to be creative? IDEO is a nonprofit that currently has several projects underway to solve global education problems through a design-centered process. Learn more at



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