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Drawing from ancient wisdom traditions and critical educators like John Dewey and Paulo Freire, Human Centered Learning makes integration rather than information the focus of education.

I offer a simple, wholistic framework for setting goals and designing learning pathways that celebrate diversity, honor multiple methods of knowledge gathering, and transform the teacher into a facilitator.

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Live Classroom Review

I provide a review of the pedagogy: progression of teaching, presentation of concepts, student response to instruction. It includes ideas, suggestions, and observations related to the flow of the curriculum, the content, and the overall student experience.

You will receive detailed notes, step-by-step review of the learning experience, and suggestions for best practices.

Schedule a free initial consultation to see what this could do for you.

In addition to providing instructional review, I have also created an easy-to-use system that administrators or faculty support teams can use for consistent review and research-based recommendations for teacher improvements. Contact me to learn more.

Teacher Training – 5 Learning Fluencies

This is a 2.5 hour workshop designed for teachers, parents, and facilitators of any kind who want to empower their students to continue learning beyond the classroom.

Move beyond monoculture education that creates dependency on the teacher by exploring the five primary learning relationships: to self, others, information, tools, and context. In this workshop, we will learn from each other and work together to design unique learning experiences with one of these focus areas.

This approach naturally celebrates diversity in the education process by giving everyone a voice, inviting multiple methods of knowledge gathering, and transforming the teacher into a facilitator. 

The Five Learning Fluencies

Online Learning

The internet has been a great medium for information transfer, but how do we create learning experiences that invite engagement, interaction, and empower the students to be learners, not just listeners?

Curriculum Optimization

In the the theater of education, pedagogy is the performance, and the curriculum is the script. In a human-centered learning model, the course design process also considers the stage. How does your teaching style, your content flow, and the context of the classroom and students shape the learning experience? If you’re looking to redesign or simply develop a class, this consultation is for you. Let’s gets started with a free 15-minute chat about what you are excited to build!

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