Top 25 New Technologies – ALA 2015

It seems that many of the tech companies in education offer something of the same function as the others. Perhaps this is reflective of the Connectivist philosophy of education technology. Nevertheless, it is difficult to find a truly innovative idea that solves some problem that no other software already addresses. Most technology listed here seems focused on empowering people to network or make things, but the music company (Soundtrap) seems to present a truly innovative approach.


  • Knovio – Video
  • Novia
  • Pearl trees
  • Appsbar
  • Live binder
  • Touchcast
  • Pear
  • Haiku Deck
    • great for presentations
    • partnership with Getty images for images
    • Auto citations
    • Free offline presentation
  • Soundtrap
    • Make music together online
    • Like google docs but for music.
    • Works across multiple platforms
    • Videos chat built in
    • Possible to rehearse parts.
    • Releasing more educational features allowing grades

Digital storytelling

  • Storyboard that
    • Templates for students to create stories
  • My storybook
    • Website or app for writing and learning stories. And sharing
  • Book track classroom
    • Movie style soundtrack for ebooks.
    • Allows students to put songs effects etc into a narrated book track.

Managing and organizing

  • Beyond pad
    • Whiteboard post it style note taking.
    • Allows presentation, tracking, tagging, lists
  • Google classroom
    • Upload, sharing, organizing work. Must use apps for education accounts.
    • Good for collaborating with teachers.
    • Now include Google hangouts for office hours.
  • Flip Quiz
    • Managing and organizing information for a class. Create game show style boards.

Social networking and communication

  • Bookopolis
    • Build communities, share books,mteach reading progress.
    • Kids connect with the heir friends and share what they read. Get a buzz about books.
    • Curate lists of books, create video book talks. Book reports.
  • Answerables by nexed
    • Students can collaborate and share findings.
    • Online game environment that can be modified by teachers. Incorporates tutoring etc…
  • Diy
    • Students complete projects to earn badges.
    • Ask students to complete challenges and post tutorials to teach others how to do things.
    • Like instructsbles
  • Beenpod
    • Create curate and share collections of websites.
    • Organize and comment on collections.
    • Comments can be public or private
  • Ifttt
    • If this then that
    • Create recipes, curated collections, and links to other resources

Curriculum collaboration

  • Gooru Learning
    • Free educational search engine for online resources
    • Customize existing collections or create playlists of resources.
    • Connects people with valuable, safe, and effective resources.
    • Curate and share.
  • Molecular workbench
    • Free open source work environment for teaching and learning sciences.
    • Premise simulations and availability for creating new simulations
  • Knowmia
    • Short video lessons from teachers around the world on video topics,
    • Over 30000 videos.
    • Teacher, subject and style
    • Individualized instruction
  • Hstry
    • Creates timelines
    • Presentations of exploration
  • Engineering is elementary
    • Hands on engineering projects.
    • Stem for problem solving, inquiry and innovation
    • Allows grading, browsing

Content resources

  • What was there
    • Ads history to the place. Students can see the way that places used to look by using Google maps.
    • Users upload images for exploration
  • org
    • Every student in every school can learn how to code
    • How coding can be fun
    • Integrated computer science curriculum
  • Biodigital human visualization platform.
    • Allows for full exploration of the human body.
    • Zoom in and out of various body systems and learn about health conditions effecting these.
  • Interactive simulations
    • Phet
    • Collection of science and math computer simulations.
    • Lead rough exploration in game environment.
    • Use existing simulations or create new ones.

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