Mindful Breathing

We all know what it feels like to be a little out of breath…

when our attention is suddenly drawn to the need for air!

It is possible to go through life without ever paying attention to the breath.

But what if I told you that breath is the key to unlocking the full potential of your mind and body?

Learning how to breathe with intention can help to:

  • energize the body
  • remove toxins
  • relieve stress
  • reset the nervous system
  • improve sleep
  • support digestion
  • optimize workouts
  • increase concentration
  • strengthen abdominal muscles

In addition to all this, mindful breathing can be a transformative spiritual practice. There is a reason almost every religion refers to the breathe with reverence – breathe is the source of our human life!

About This Class

This class on mindful breathing is designed to be accessible for anyone who wants to learn how to breathe with more attention and intention.

We open with a short introduction and simple safety guidelines.

Then we begin a guided practice of about 30 minutes.

Finally, a closing circle provides opportunity for any questions or sharing of experience.

Click here to download a sample syllabus.

Examples of mindful breathing techniques:

In a class series, we will be introducing these techniques along with others drawn from a variety of sources.

Breath of Fire – yoga and mindfulness

Wim Hof – energy and resilience

Box Breath – stress management

Note: This is not an advanced breath work class. Each of the techniques will be introduced for purposes of exploration and learning about the breath. Advanced training is available one-on-one by special request.

Class Length:

45 minutes


Online or in person by request

Equipment Needed

Yoga Mat

Comfortable clothing

Eye – mask

About Your Instructor

Dr Kevin Jenson is a professional educator specializing in the design of learning experiences that help students activate their curiosity, confidence, and connection between every part of life.

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