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-Kevin J


Short Descriptions

Human Centered Learning

Education designed to incorporate both the unique identity and the common humanity of every individual student.

Elyseum Hall

Elyseum Hall is designed around the exploration and discovery of the following core tenets of education: identity of the individual, methods of knowing, the world as understood by humanity, methods of organization and expression for self and community, and finally, personalized integration and application of this context by the individual student.

Kevin Jenson

In my first graduate semester of education studies at my eighth university, one of my professors gave me the freedom to explore an idea I had in his class. The assignment I turned in for him was a month late, but it had become the basis of my passion for education. Within this project, I had discovered what it would take to redefine the experience of education for others like me who want to explore, create, discover, and communicate the incredible world of ideas, people, and opportunities in which we live!

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