Trace the development of Human Centered Learning through the M.Ed Program at Colorado State University and studies in Education Technology at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia.

The Problem

From INFORMation to inFORMATION, formalized education needs to recognize its crucial role in the development and support of civilization through the cultivation of global knowledge and personal demonstration of what it means to be human. As artificial intelligence becomes more fully integral to a functioning society, the standards to which we hold our students for knowledge acquisition, processing, and output are producing minds with scarcely more value than a computer – and sometimes less.

A content-driven education system has created what might be called a social sorting mechanism in which education credentials have become the commodity of the new elite (Economist, 2014). Those who enter hoping to stoke the flames of curiosity often find them doused by an overwhelming work-load and a sterilized environment of pseudo-objectivity. Creativity has little room to grow inside the time-crunched, homework dominated life and attention spans grow short when subjects are depersonalized and separated from one another. Amidst the added pressure to perform a whole slew of psychological disorders and mental illnesses have found the perfect breeding ground. Whether these are learned or caught like a disease, the struggle with ADD (attention deficit disorder), self esteem issues, depression, boredom, lack of sleep, and a dizzying network of social hierarchies, make formal education something that most sensible students should want to avoid.

I speak in part from my own experience, in part from research, and in part from conversation with students of all ages from across the globe who participate in a mad race to acquire a single letter (‘A’) that assures them access to an organization whose stamp of approval they hope to achieve at the expense of their individuality, health, and sometimes their future potential. What are we doing this for? Who are we leaving behind? What is lost in this process?

The heart of education has been cut out leaving behind a shell of a system in which individuals participate almost entirely for the sake of getting a job in order to pay back the staggering burden of debt required to learn in a certifiable manner. [research from AU]

Those who lose the most from the system are those who should have the most to gain. Education should be the great equalizing opportunity, but more and more this is not the case. Without access to the right background, resources, relationships, and experiences, individuals are doomed to struggle within a system they don’t understand and in which success is no guarantee of lifelong benefit.

Defined in terms of learning fluency and the achievement gap

Children are bored in school

Teachers are overwhelmed with restrictions

Diversity is a barrier to success

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Uni – versity

We need a transition from Information  to  In-Formation

School is about the formation of the individual rather than providing resources that inform. If the human aspect of the individual is not developed, then what the outcome of informing will not lead to future success.

Learning Fluency

This outlines the development and testing of the five learning fluencies

History of it’s development (theory of multiple intelligences)

Survey of the literature for 624

Research results from 600 (link to overview of Rivendell as an Organization)

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Additional support from the literature

Future Research (link to Kevin J PhD statement)

Culture and Diversity

Argument from the achievement gap.

Diversity in Education

Assessment and Evaluation

Education Technology

Need for learning fluency to use technology properly from 806

Overview of Page Cookie and the Transparent Crowdsourced Ranking System

Learning Management Systems from Macquarie

The Solution

Link to the Future of Education

Human-Centered Learning Overview Page

Barriers to Implementation

The Objectives of Elyseum Hall

Courses Offered

Kevin Jenson PhD Research Needed


Extra Sentences

Occassionally a bright ray of light bursts through the clouds in the form of a teacher who is able to overcome the daunting array of restrictions and requirements to develop the relationship and passion needed to guide students successfully through the darkening maze of information overload, AP Courses, extra-curricular activities, and endless nights of meaningless homework assignments.