A Biological Approach to Change Leadership for Education

By embracing the inevitability of change and building a strong network of human relationships and organizational identity (the DNA), one can effectively lead and manage the non-linear, chaotic adaptation and change required for the ongoing existence and success of elearning in the educational organization.

Behind the Screens – Developing a Digital Learning Literacy

Lifelong learning, the goal of higher education and the foundation of a free society is inaccessible to many individuals around the world because they lack the literacy skills necessary to leverage the numerous resources available through digital learning technologies. Online learning experiences require individuals to have some level of learning fluency in order to maximize the opportunity. Lack of this has caused the explosion of information online to become more of a barrier than a bridge to the development of literacy skills among those who need them most. A solution to this problem would be to shift the focus of formal education onto the development of student learning fluency.